VELOX® Patented Performance Blend

During any intense activity, your muscles need an oxygen boost. Nitric Oxide, a naturally-occurring molecule in our body, helps with circulation, blood flow, and efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells in need. VELOX® Patented Performance Blend (L-Citrulline and L-Arginine) rapidly increases Nitric Oxide levels and L-Arginine levels, a precursor to Nitric Oxide.* Support exercise performance, power, and recovery with VELOX®.*

Sports Nutrition with VELOX

Exercise Performance

Physical activity, no matter the intensity or duration, requires endurance to keep up the pace. Clinically studied VELOX® Blend can help you keep performing at the top of your game by:

  • Increasing Nitric Oxide production*
  • Rapidly increasing blood Arginine levels*
  • Improving endurance*

Gut and Immunity healthPower

The goal of any workout is to become stronger, faster, better than the time before. Fast-acting VELOX® Blend can power your workout by:

  • Promoting increased power output*
  • Supporting muscle growth*
  • Increasing exercise efficiency*

Gut and Immunity healthRecovery

The body can take a beating during a workout. Making sure you take care of your body post-workout is the key to improved performance tomorrow. VELOX® Blend can help all athletes by:

  • Reducing muscle soreness*
  • Reducing muscle fatigue*
  • Aiding with efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients*

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